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This weeks TAST challenge was Chain Stitch and this is what I stitched for the challenge.... As I wanted the Chain Stitch to form the sea I did it using 2 colours in my needle. It's the first time I've used 2 colours at once rather than swapping them, easy to do once I got the hang of it. The design is by Abi Gurden and she designed it for me in 2009 as part of an exchange with my Friendly Stitchers Yahoo Group. This is the first time I've stitched it using other stitches rather than cross stitch.

I'm getting there slowly

As the kids have been on half term holiday and the 2 youngest being ill I've not had as much stitching time but here's where I'm at on my main projects.... Bothy Threads Cut Thru Noah's Ark Page 1 completed Castles In The Air Papillion Creations This is the Tango piece that I'm doing for our youngest son. I only need to put the word Tango at the bottom now and frame it ready for his dance exam on the 25th March. Here's my Great Escape so far. Part 10 was putting the mouse into the picture...our daughter has named him "The Big Bad Mouse" from her Gruffalo book so that's now what we call him. The Great Escape designed by Abi Gurden The Stitch Specialists A new project I started one very cold morning... Cedar Sampler by Elizabeth's Designs Finally here is my TUSAL, a few days late but with illness and a husband recovering from an operation I hadn't had time to update until today... to join in go to   Sharon at Daffy Cat

TAST 2012 weeks -7 Catch Up

Here are weeks 1-6 on my TAST stitch dictionary, still have to do week 7 yet. This is what I made during the week and incorporated Fly, Cretan, Feather Detached Chain as well as some French Knots, stem stitch and Tulip Stitch. Last week I had already been busy stitching up this hanging for our daughter after I refused to let her have my Great Escape Owl. It already incorporated some of week 7's detached chain stitch so I was pleased. If you want to join Sharon in the TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) click and it'll take you to her site. She's also on Facebook which is where I found her under TAST 2012.

The Snow Has Arrived

Yes the snow has arrived in Yorkshire to the total delight of our 3 wouldn't believe by looking at these photos that DH took on Sunday morning that we live in Sheffield which is England's 4th largest city. There are a lot more photo's on Tony's website, address is at the side. He's finally given into pressure and added an Arts and Crafts section as well :-)  Though there's not a lot in it at the minute so I'd better stitch faster!  And just to prove that I have been stitching as well as enjoying the snow... The Great Escape designed by Abi Gurden, The Stitch Specialists Tango designed by Ty Wilson This is the beautiful biscornu sent to me by Sheila in the Friendly Stitchers Spring Biscornu exchange. And finally last but not least after seeing a beautiful full moon last night on the way home from Sheffield Dragons with DS2 here is my TUSAL... it's not showing as much as I'd like it to but our daughter has been besieged by