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A New Start

Before our holiday I had another finish. The lavender needlecase that I've had as a UFO for too long *hanging head in shame*  When it was finally done it held spare needles for Scotland. For my holiday stitching in Scotland I took my Mary Wigham Sampler, this has been sat in my stitching bag for a while with hardly anytime being devoted to it *hanging head in shame*   Although I didn't get a lot of time to stitch on it as we were so busy having fun I did put in a few stitches here and there and this is how it's looking now... Mary Wigham Sampler On our return to Yorkshire instead of carrying on with my HAED I decided to have a break and dig out a project that has been sat in my drawer for quite some time. This is by Country Cottage and is called "She Sells Seashells" I'm stitching it on some 28ct that I found in my stash box, using the threads it calls for which are DMC and Crescent Colours. Finding it really quick and easy to stitch whilst the kid