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A visit to Scotland

Where has the time gone since August? As most people know we went off to Southerness in Scotland for our holiday in August, have to say it was absolutely fantastic. The weather was lovely and we spent everyday doing something, not necessarily off camp but the kids were definitely kept amused. There was a soft play area in the main building on camp where the kids spent many an hour playing while DH and I took advantage of the free Wi-Fi to hook up our laptop...couldn't be away from the internet for a whole week now could I?? This last photo of the lighthouse in Southerness was taken in the evening by our 4yr old son Luke with the Panasonic Lumix that he seems to have taken possesion of! Here are some photos of the places we visited.....Sweetheart Abbey (def Luke's favourite place) Mabie Farm Park (only went in for a couple of hours and had to drag the kids out 5hrs later...recommended for anyone with kids!)  Dumfries (lovely little town, the kids loved eating sandwiches w