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Quick Update

Yes I'm still around and stitching any chance I get, the kids are all off school for the summer in a week so thought I'd better get some photos posted as I won't get that much chance of stitching whilst their all at home. French Postcard SAL From January to June...only 6 more months to go! Tree of Stitches parts 1-13 designed by Abi Gurden still available as a SAL on The Stitch Specialists I was going to put an update on Lukie's dragon but decided not to as it's so close to the actual stitching being done. I'm hoping to work on it every night until we go away to Scotland and try to get it done. Luke is driving me crazy about it so it gives me a big incentive.

Castles In The Air & Mary Wigham

I've finally started my Castles In The Air from  Papillion Creations . It took me longer to pick my own floral colours than anything else. I started stitching it and then changed my mind on the first colour and frogged it all to start again!  There are some amazing designs on Papillion for anyone who hasn't come across them before. I'm so enjoying stitching this and hate to put it down. This is my progress so far, the photo isn't very good as my hand shadows the bottom corner...oops! I've also finally started my  Mary Wigham  sampler. I was going to do this in my own colours but after seeing a few of them done in Mary's original I've decided to go with her colours. Although I'm not doing it as small as hers because it'll mean stitching over 1 and these eyes no longer like that LOL! I'm stitching it on 32ct Murano in Mushroom. If you're interested in doing your own  Mary Wigham  sampler just click her name and it will take you to Needleprin