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April Showers

I can't believe my last post was in January, where is this year going?  The weather seems to have finally taken a turn for the better, outside the sun is shining and yesterdays gale force winds with heavy rain seem to have disappeared. Mind you one good thing about bad weather is I get lots more stitching and reading time...yay! Since the New Year I've plodded away at my HAED  and last night finished page 14.  DD is getting quite excited now as she can't wait for me to start her ballerina project. Cruising The Information Highway by Randal Spangler 25ct 1 over 1 I've also been working on the My Garden Journal series by Cottage Garden Samplings   here are May and November. Next one up is December which is going onto Snowy Skies by Sparklies  May from Cottage Garden Samplings Stitched on Stormy Skies by Polstitches November from Cottage Garden Samplings Stitched on Harvest Blush by Sparklies The kids have been extremely busy in the last couple of month