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Darcy playing Elizabeth Bennett

DH took a photo of our 19mth old DD in the garden this afternoon. As soon as I saw it she reminded me of Elizabeth Bennett from Pride & Prejudice played by Jennifer Ehle. What do you think? She was named after Mr Darcy; DH wouldn't agree to Elizabeth or Jane so I had to sneak Darcy in! I think the ringlets down the side of her face complete the look...although it would help more if he'd cleaned her face after her Oreo biscuit before taking her photo..MEN! LOL

Sheffield from the air!

Sheffield has its own Big Wheel for a while. Its at the end of one of our main town centre shopping areas. Looks huge inbetween both the historic and the new buildings and towers over everything. The scenes from the top are amazing, showing quite a bit of Sheffield but obviously not all of it. These are a few pictures that DH took through the tinted glass of Sheffields wheel. One view from the top showing one side of the city into the distance. Looking up into the newly refurbished Barkers Pool area. The red metal is where the old cinema used to be, it closed down years ago and now houses shops such as Mothercare and Early Learning Centre. Showing another view over Sheffield. We are the 4th largest city in England and are the only city that incorporates some of the National Park into its borders. Over 61% of our city is greenspace and we have more trees per person than any other European city. (Not in our back garden though as DH & I both hate gardening!!)

Quick Applique Project

As I searched through my boxes of stash (both cross stitch and quilting) I found a pattern that I'd had for years but not yet done. All the equipment was inside the bag ready, it just needed cutting out and putting together. You can't really tell from the picture but its got beads, buttons, bows, french knots, blanket stitch, stem stitch and cross stitch on it. I've turned it into a mini wall-hanging which now hangs in our bedroom. I'm pleased with how its turned out to say I completed it in a day. Managed to wrestle my Amish quilted pillow from my son Luke to wash it today. Made this when I went to a 1 day course at our local Hobbycraft (unfortunately they've stopped doing them now). It was all hand stitched and then my mum found some dark green material and made it into a pillowcase for me. My son Luke, who is 3, says it is his pillow and isn't impressed when I take it for washing but its getting a lot of wear and tear now.

A Finish at last

Yes, don't faint but my Upsy Daisy UFO is finally finished. Stayed up a bit later last night to put the finishing stitches in round the eyes. I was going to make it into a cushion for our daughter Darcy but DH wants it framed, don't think it'll be long before that happens as DH wants it on her wall. She laughed this morning when I showed it to her and shouted "Daisy" (sat in her highchair and with a mouthfull of toast!) Big THANK YOU to Sue for lending me her Upsy Daisy chart (promise I'll bring it you back now LOL) after sitting chatting for years at our local playgroup and another baby later we discover that we both love cross stitch! You're a star sweetie X Now I can catch up on my ASAW and finish the oriental square I'm working on for QFBC . Don't you just love a finish!

Busy Busy Busy

Thank you for all your votes on which Darcy to send for charting. It seems Purple Darcy was the overwhelming favourite. The photograph has been printed and duly sent off for charting so I'll let you know when I start to kit up for it. Can't believe how long its been since I last wrote, the weeks have just flown past trying to keep 3 children amused during the summer holidays. Today we're all going swimming with my dad (so he and the children will be asleep at lunchtime LOL) We were on holiday for a week in August, where I did hope to get more stitching done as I'd taken Darcys Upsy Daisy WIP with me. Didn't do as much as I'd hoped as we were out everyday with the children BUT I'm pleased to say I've nearly done her. It seems in my experience that the simplest designs take longer to sew than the complicated ones. While we were away I called into a charity shop to see if I could find something to read while sat on the beach. Managed to get a Lee Child