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Another Month has Flown By

Thank you to all who wished me happy birthday either on Facebook or in my Yahoo groups. I had a lovely day and even got to have lunch out with my dad, nan, DD and a friend - Dawn. We all went to our local pub where they make the most wonderful food.  DH and I are off into town at the end of the month to pick up a stitching lamp for me. One of the lovely ladies (Jackie) from my Yahoo group Friendly Stitchers mentioned that she'd got her lamp from Maplins after I'd said I couldn't afford a proper stitching lamp. These are hobby lamps with magnifiers on and half the price of a stitching lamp but just as good...yippee I'm now going to finally get one.  My mum has also been stash shopping for me after I'd said I love the John Clayton dance series and bought me this design that I've been admiring for ages. Stitching wise I'm working on Lukie's dragon, it's coming along now. After asking for advice I decided to stitch the metallic parts as I'm going