TAST 2012 weeks -7 Catch Up

Here are weeks 1-6 on my TAST stitch dictionary, still have to do week 7 yet.

This is what I made during the week and incorporated Fly, Cretan, Feather Detached Chain as well as some French Knots, stem stitch and Tulip Stitch.

Last week I had already been busy stitching up this hanging for our daughter after I refused to let her have my Great Escape Owl. It already incorporated some of week 7's detached chain stitch so I was pleased.

If you want to join Sharon in the TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) click and it'll take you to her site. She's also on Facebook which is where I found her under TAST 2012.


  1. you do very very beautiful things! i like very much!
    hi from Egypt! i send you sun from Medinet Habu,where I live

  2. Lovely work! Thanks for the TAST link - will be visiting there :)

  3. Your work is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


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