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Castles in the Air

Whilst waiting for the latest part of Around the World to be released I've been making more of an effort on my CITA , managed to finish parts 8 & 9.  Here's what it's up to... Part 8 Now I hadn't put any beads on until this point so picked these colours out of my stash.  Part 9 How she's looking altogether. And if you want to join in with the latest SAL just click on CITA at the top and it will take you to Papillions website.


Our eldest Peter (Boo) taken in September 2009 during Sheffield Dragons Summer in the Square competition. He'd not long since started the Little Dragons karate class. Now he's my little Black Belt. He spent 2 days grading at Sheffield Dragons and on Friday 5th April 2013 he was presented with his 1st Dan black belt. As you can see we bought him a special belt. He's been seeing these belts since he was a Little Dragon and knew that was what he wanted to have one day. Luckily for us he's got 2yrs before he can grade again for his 2nd Dan so lots of time to train and the belt will get plenty of wear!! Boo's Album Boo's Belts

HAED Cruising the Information Highway

March seems to have gone before we know it so it's time to show my HAED after another month of stitching. In March I managed to stitch over 3400 stitches, there were parts that seemed to be all confetti and took a lot longer than I wished. Though standing back and looking at it they are worth the effort and the design is starting to come together now. Cruising the Information Highway by Randal Spangler Heaven & Earth Designs