The Snow Has Arrived

Yes the snow has arrived in Yorkshire to the total delight of our 3 wouldn't believe by looking at these photos that DH took on Sunday morning that we live in Sheffield which is England's 4th largest city.

There are a lot more photo's on Tony's website, address is at the side. He's finally given into pressure and added an Arts and Crafts section as well :-)  Though there's not a lot in it at the minute so I'd better stitch faster!  And just to prove that I have been stitching as well as enjoying the snow...

The Great Escape
designed by Abi Gurden, The Stitch Specialists

designed by Ty Wilson

This is the beautiful biscornu sent to me by Sheila in the Friendly Stitchers Spring Biscornu exchange.

And finally last but not least after seeing a beautiful full moon last night on the way home from Sheffield Dragons with DS2 here is my TUSAL...

it's not showing as much as I'd like it to but our daughter has been besieged by a virus in the last month and has now added an ear infection and conjunctivitis. Lets just say our little princess is spending a lot of time on either my knee or her daddy's knee!  However you can still join us in our Totally Useless Stitch A Long by going to visit Sharon on her blog which is  


  1. Thank you for the snow pictures I love snow. Of course living in Saudi means I do get to see a lot of rain and in Jeddah it never snows. Hope DD is soon better earache is no joke.

  2. Love all your snow pics! Can you believe here in SW Ontario, Canada we have no snow?! None at all! Everytime we get any snow,shortly after the temp goes up and/or it rains! It's insane!! I hope the little bug feels better soon! Wol looks great, and your DS's Tango is coming along wonderfully! Thanks for sharing!


  3. ohhhh just gorgeous photos ... didn't have my camera handy when I went out soo will just have to drool over DH's ...
    hope the wee one is feeling better soon ... not good is it ... if you feel you want to escape for a few hours once she is better the kettle will be on :)
    and oooo you have managed to get quite abit done :)
    love mouse xxxxx

  4. Pretty snow, sorry to hear you littlest is sick, mine has been really sick this year as well, no pre-school for her.

  5. Beautiful pictures of the snow. And nice progress on your stitching.

    I hope your little one feels better.

    Happy Stitching

  6. You sure are getting a lot of snow, so far we do not have any in Canada but expecting some on Friday.

    Hope your daughter feels better soon.


  7. Hope DD is doing much better. Great stitching and exchange!

  8. The pictures are beautiful - we don't see much snow here in Southern California, so I always like to see photos of the white stuff *lol*

    Your tango piece is going to look wonderful when you are finished. Keep up the good work!

  9. Lovely pictures of the snow.

    Your stitching is gorgeous. I love the colours in Tango. They're so vibrant.

  10. Lovely nature-pictures.
    Your stitching looks great, and awesome exchange

  11. Love the snow pictures! At least someone managed to get out. I've only just got out for the first time today since it snowed. Our road is just all ice and snow, and now more is on it's way!! You live the other end of Sheffield to me.

    Oh, I love "The Great Escape", he's coming along beautifully. And Tango is look good also, with such vibrant colours - as Blu says above.

    Hope little one gets better soon.

    Take Care and Happy Stitching
    Mary Joan

  12. Great snow pictures and your stitching is beautiful!


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