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During July I've managed to get some work done on Around the World in 80 Stitches and Castles In The Air by Papillion Creations Finally after many months I've finished part 3 on CITA, here's what it's looking like... I've nearly caught up with ATW, part 4 was released during July and I managed to finish part 2 during the week. Must admit that I didn't like the Mordvinian Stitch at all and frogged it after using 2st of white changing it to perle.  Started on part 3, this part has 2 versions; a cutwork and a speciality. I've decided to use both so  the side petals will be in speciality and the vertical petals in cutwork. I've also been working on some of the   TAST challenges, you notice I say 'some'. That's because some of the stitches I've used so frequently in lots of different ways that I will admit that I've skipped that week and waited for something that I've either not done before or that I need practise on. Here