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An End to 2010

Can you believe yet another year has passed? They just fly by now I go by school term times, doesn't seem two minutes ago since I was getting DS1's uniform ready for him starting "big" school and now I'm doing the same 2yrs on for DS2. He's so excited he's helping me get his PE bag ready etc...only 4 more days to go before it's just DD and myself during the day. Things have been pretty hectic the last 4/5 months of the year hence the lack of posts. In November I went off to Harrogate with DH to meet up with stitchers from my Friendly Stitchers yahoo group. We all stayed at Grants Hotel (fabulous hotel, totally recommend it) for BB&EM. Some turned up Friday for 2 nights but we only went Saturday for 1 night. The drive up was different thanks to heavy snow a few days previous but we got there to the hotel, parked on the street where I totally abandoned DH and went off to the 2010 Harrogate stitching show with friends. Had a fabulous time fondling