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February Update

I can't believe we're nearly at the end of February already...where has this month gone? I've not done as much stitching as I usually do this month, this is mostly due to committments involving my 3 children. How 3 small people who are aged from 2-5 cause me to not sit down for long is beyond me. Between school runs, after school swimming or karate lessons, playgroups and craft groups there's no time for stitching until they're all in bed and I generally have about 2hrs a night to stitch which means my projects seem to be taking forever to grow.  Mind you  the time passes so fast, it doesn't seem like yesterday that I was wrapping Christmas presents and now the boys are talking Easter eggs LOL! I can now show you a picture of a small ornament I did for an exchange with Friendly Stitchers , this is the Calendar Girls 2010 exchange. February's girl is Mouse (aka Michelle) so along with some fabric and threads I made her a little ornament with a

February is here...

Although we're only at the beginning of February so far it's been a very busy month. Last week both our boys did their grading for their next belts in Little Dragons , which is the childrens class at Sheffield Dragons. Peter passed and is now on his second belt, Luke also passed and very proudly told us all he's getting a new belt.  They had their presentation on Friday night where they saw Sheffield Dragon Cadets do a show and also one of their teachers (and Peter's hero) Kady Robinson  performed. Kady has recently gained her Black Belt 3rd Dan so HUGE CONGRATULATIONS Kady from us all.  These photographs were taken that night, the boys couldn't wait to try on their new belts so it was like wrapping stiff cardboard around them! (They've since been through a wash twice to soften them ready for Wednesday's class) Peter is the one on the left, he's 5 and just been awarded his yellow stripe. Luke on the right is 3 and just gained his first be

A Start, A WIP and A Finish

Due to my DD Darcy deciding that 3am is a fun time to chat and cuddle mummy my stitching time has drastically reduced over the last week. By the time the kids are all in bed I'm too tired and don't want to stitch incase I end up frogging half of it. DD is now sleeping properly again but it's taking me a while to get back to full sleep as I keep waking in the early hours expecting her to wake me! I've finally started the Beau Bands SAL with Friendly Stitchers this is on blue linen with turquoise colours now I've got all my threads together. As a little project to do inbetween the Darcy photostitch I've also done a Seaside biscornu, couldn't find a seagull button for the centre (dread to think where it is as DD loves my stash boxes!) so I've just used a plain button on the front and a blue one on the back. The design was from they have some absolutely wonderful biscornu, humbug etc designs. The WIP is obviously my Darcy photost