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The Time is Flying By..

I can't believe August is over and we're nearly at the end of October already, it doesn't seem like 2 minutes ago since the kids went back to school and they're already half way through the term. I took part in an Autumn Exchange with my Facebook group, Carla sent to me (in previous post) and this is what I sent to Kim. The scissor fob design is from the 2009 A Stitch A Week SAL from Friendly Stitchers. And here a few other projects I've been working on in the last month... Snow Buddy Designed by Carla Rizzie there are 12 of these little guys. On Tuesday mornings I go to our local library where they have a cross stitch club. I've started taking my Mary Wigham sampler so that at least once a week she gets some work done on her. This is the progress so far... Mary Wigham SAL The Great Escape designed by Abi Gurden (The Stitch Specialists) Purple Belt Dragon small present for DS1 after passing his grading for his purple karate belt Last but definitely