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Pick a Photo

Need your help, DH bought me a DMC photostitch for my birthday as he knew I wanted to stitch a photo of the kids. WELL...trying to get our 3 to sit still and all look at the camera at the same time has proved impossible LOL. So I've said that I'd like to do 3 separate ones of them using my favourite photos. That was 3 months ago and he keeps asking if I've chosen a picture yet. Trouble is he's captured some fantastic photos of them so here are my 3 hitlist ones of our daughter Darcy, which one would you choose???? Purple Darcy is #1 Summer Darcy is #2 And Santa Darcy is #3 These are only 3 out of the original 20 that I'd picked to consider. Its the only trouble with DH having photography as his hobby, there are so many fantastic shots of the kids that I had to buy him a digital photoframe last year for his birthday as we couldn't keep printing them out! So votes please on which Darcy should be in stitches.........

Lots done but not much accomplished!

Boy can you tell the school holidays are upon us, DS1 is 5 today and (as most his age) is on the go from early til late. Luckily when the weather is nice enough he plays in the garden a lot with his younger brother and our neighbours little boy who is only a year younger than Peter. To help keep them occupied I bought the boys some small A5 notebooks and they're using it as a holiday notebook. In it they're putting cuttings, plants, paintings, photos etc of what they've done in their holidays. This week DH and I took the kids to Clumber Park where the boys took their cameras to take some photos for their notebooks, they also picked up some leaves so they could add them. The weather was great until all of a sudden (when we were in the middle of nowhere - LOL) the heavens opened and we got drenched. Luckily DD was in her pram and the raincover came down, the boys both had their rainmacs on "just incase", they just stripped to their t-shirts when we got back to the c

A Stitch A Week SAL

After finishing my Rainy Days project I decided to start on the ASAW Sal at long last. The grid had been finished ages (mostly done sat in the car on the school run!), for the grid I used a mix of DMC green and cream, just 1 strand of each as I liked the combination. Week 1 For the robin I used DMC threads except for the chest where I used 1 strand of soft cotton. Instead of a french knots I used beads instead. The birdtable in green as it reminded me of some tables I've seen in our neighbours garden. Week 2 I used brown DMC varieted thread for the branches and then for the pine cones and pine needles I used 1strand of silver blending filament with the varieted and green to give a hint of frost. Stranded cotton for the body and eyes for the owl but some white Wisper thread for the owls face to give him the fluffy look. Week 3 I used 3 strands of w hite DMC stranded cotton for the satin snowdrops, the grass, backstitch and stems were all done in 2 strands of DMC stranded cotton.

Rainy Days are gone!

Yes don't faint but the Rainy Days silhouette is actually finished. I cannot believe how long this one project has taken, the last silhouette I did was completed fast. Stayed up late Friday night to finish it off, didn't want to go to bed when there was only a few odd stitches and bit of backstitching to do. I'm pleased with how it turned out. That's another UFO that has gone into the finished pile. The UFO pile is still bigger than I'd like but I'm getting there now. Look out ASAW sal because you're next for working on! Going to Hobbycraft this Sunday to pick up a couple of bits I want for it. Only got 2 small motifs to do on my sons Thank You biscornu for his teacher so need to buy some filling as well as mine is all gone. These are the 2 bags I made for my sons to use in the car when travelling. Put Sully from Monsters Inc on Peters as he loves that film. Luke is a big Winnie the Pooh fan so he got Tigger. As you can see they're already a hit. They&