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A Finish, A WIP and a Dragon

I've finished my Little Lace Hardanger piece which was a sal on my Stitch Specialist yahoo group. Unfortunately at the end of June this design is no longer available, you can still join the group by clicking on the link. It's the first hardanger piece I've done and I'm hooked. Once I got the hang of counting the stitches I found it so relaxing to do, it'll not be the last hardanger project I'll make now. Little Lace Hardanger designed by Abi Gurden I've also managed to catch up on my Tree of Stitches SAL, doing part 12 whilst watching the tennis this afternoon. Not many more parts to go on the tree, it's still a SAL on The Stitch Specialist Yahoo Group if you'd like to join in.  Here's what DD's tree looks like so far. Tree of Stitches SAL designed by Abi Gurden Finally every night when the kids are in bed I work on DS2's dragon, he's getting so excited now as he can see the finish line.  This is what he looks like after last ni

Quick Update

I've not got much stitching done in May as we've finally had our kitchen re-fitted. It's would have been total chaos anyway but with 3 children as well it's definitely been a challenge. The boys usually take a packed lunch to school but as we had no cooker I said they had to have school dinners so they'd got at least one hot meal a day. Lukie, who was totally opposed to having school dinners came out the first day beaming saying he loved his lunch and he's never having sandwiches again! I have been doing some stitching mostly on my French postcard SAL, finally finished May after the frog visited many many times! Our printer has gone down, it's the power cable, thankfully my dad has printed out June and July for me. Here is a photo of it so far. Peter our DS1 loves it and can't wait to take it to his French lesson to show his teacher...lots more to do yet though! I've also finally managed to finish another one of my UFO's. This one is a small