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Finding Time

Have you ever had one of those months where you remember it starting but before you know it you're at the end? That's what happened to me in April, I did a lot of different things but the month itself flew by without me realising.  I did manage to get photos of some of the activities along the way so we're a photo heavy post this time. The top photo is the kids at the top of Mam Tor in the Peak District. Darcy wasn't happy about climbing so high but she loved the view from the top. Below they're in the Longshaw Estate which is looked after by the National Trust. We had a wonderful day being out in the fresh air. On bank holiday Monday we went to Woodhouse Wentworth where they were holding a classic car show. Luke adored seeing all the mini's as they're his favourite cars. Darcy couldn't resist having her hand decorated, it lasted longer than the week and I had to really scrub it off before she returned to school! What holiday is complete w