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Darcy has a face!

Yes my Darcy photostitch finally looks like it's getting somewhere. Since I stitched part of her eye she just seems to have taken on a life of her own. As I'm sat at my frame stitching I don't see the progress as much but standing back and looking I can't believe how fast she's now coming along. OK I'm not working on her as much as I should as I keep getting sidetracked but Thursday mornings are still reserved just for her as well as a couple of evenings a week. This is my progress so far taken Friday night. I've also been working on my Beau Bands SAL as well. For those who don't know this is designed by Abi on my Friendly Stitchers yahoo group. I'm nearly at the end of Part 2 and have Part 3 all printed out ready to go. My favourite stitch on part 2 has to be the knit stitch, fiddly but looks wonderful. Other stitching I can't show yet as it was part of an exchange and I don't know if it's been received yet. I've also been workin


At the end of April it was my birthday, DH was working and the kids in school so we didn't do anything special. On Tuesday as both boys were in school DH decided we should do something special so we went off to Chatsworth House which is in Derbyshire (about 30 minutes from where we live) If you'd like to visit the official Chatsworth website just hit the post title and it'll take you there. Jane Austen fans will know about the house. Jane visited the house in 1811 and used the house as the basis for Mr Darcy's home Pemberley in my favourite novel Pride & Prejudice. It's a beautiful house and the gardens are magnificent. DH of course took his camera so we got some lovely shots, although not as many as we would have done due to our DD Darcy getting bored and wanting to see the "duckies". Chatsworth House from the East When we arrived we had a walk around the grounds so Darcy could stretch her legs and see the sheep which were free roaming the surround