I'm getting there slowly

As the kids have been on half term holiday and the 2 youngest being ill I've not had as much stitching time but here's where I'm at on my main projects....
Bothy Threads Cut Thru
Noah's Ark
Page 1 completed

Castles In The Air
Papillion Creations

This is the Tango piece that I'm doing for our youngest son. I only need to put the word Tango at the bottom now and frame it ready for his dance exam on the 25th March.

Here's my Great Escape so far. Part 10 was putting the mouse into the picture...our daughter has named him "The Big Bad Mouse" from her Gruffalo book so that's now what we call him.
The Great Escape
designed by Abi Gurden
The Stitch Specialists

A new project I started one very cold morning...
Cedar Sampler
by Elizabeth's Designs

Finally here is my TUSAL, a few days late but with illness and a husband recovering from an operation I hadn't had time to update until today...
to join in go to Sharon at Daffy Cat


  1. Lovely Jo. Your works all look good, and grats on the progress. Sorry everyone has been ill or recovering in the house, and I hope you don't get sick as well. Tango looks good; I love the bright colors. Keep it up! And your TUSAL is pretty too. Love the blues and pinks!

  2. Wonderful progress on all your stitching. I just love Castles in the Air and Tango. Hope everyone is feeling better.

  3. Lovely progress on Noah's Ark and your CITA is beautiful! Your DS's Tango is so colourful! Thanks so much for sharing all your progress!

    Melissa J.

  4. Great progress.Noah's Ark is so colourful!
    Love all your stitching!

  5. Loved seeing your Noah's Ark, great progress, I'm only on the yellow stripe paper on this page lol. Love the colours in your Tango dancer and your owl piece is gorgeous

  6. well done on almost finishing the tango :) and hope DH and everyone else stays healthy for a wee while :)love mouse xxxxx

  7. All your projects look great, Jo.

  8. Tango looks beautiful. Your son will love it. I love the material you are using for the Great Escape. It is beautiful.

  9. Lovely job on your WIPs.


  10. Nice progress! I love the beautiful colors!

  11. Update or not, you've been making some great progress on all of your stitching! Fantastic!

  12. Great progress on your wip's :-) I love Noah's Ark.

  13. Your Great Escape looks fabulous! Looks like there are a lot of neat stitches on your wonderful owl and mouse. Very nicely done!


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