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TAST 2018 - Week 5

Week 5 already and this weeks TAST stitch is Herringbone. This is an easy stitch once you get into the rhythm, although it's a lot easier on evenweave rather than plain fabric for freestyle unless you've marked out the fabric beforehand. I decided as the wind has picked up a lot in the last few days that we'd have a windblown Sue holding hard to her hat (just like I was this morning!)  The herringbone is a trim on her dress and couldn't resist adding a few french knots to her hat :-) As well as Sue I've also started my stitch sampler project, not all the TAST  stitches will go on here but I'll definitely use it for some of them. I found a Six Strands Sweet thread called Ellies Raspberry Truffle in the bottom of my fabric drawer and thought the contrasting colours would look good for this stitch.