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A Finish Finally!

Don't faint but I've actually finished my Oriental Square for my yahoo group QFBC. Never thought I'd get this one done, its taken me a lot longer than I planned. It's done on 18ct white aida in 1 strand, did start it in 2 strands but looked too bulky for such a delicate flower design round the edges so unpicked and started again. Darcy has been ill for the last few weeks, thought it had gone after the first set of antibiotics but within a few days of her finishing the course it came back. Dr said it obviously needed a longer course than normally given so gave her some more, on day 3 of the 2nd set and she's doing fantastic.......AND I got some sleep last night :-) So tonight I sat down after all the kids went to bed at 7pm and was determined to finish it off with the gold stitching round the top and the ying yang symbol. Think I'll work on my ASAW sal as I'm nearly caught up before starting my next square for QFBC. This time its a beach themed one so my new

A small finish

I've been working hard on my oriental square for the Quilts for Breast Cancer group which is taking a lot longer than I thought. Just for a break for a couple of nights I decided to do a quick Christmas design I found on the internet, here is a photo of how it turned out. I really enjoyed making it as it was a change from my cross stitch project. Its sewn on some fine cotton material I found in my quilting box, as it was so fine I put a backing on to give it some thickness for ease of sewing. Think I may do another couple of these in Christmassy themes then turn them into a mini wall hanging that can come out every year with the decorations. I recently took part in a stitching exchange with the Friendly Stitchers group I belong to. The aim was to make something that could be hung in your partners stitching place. I was paired with Abi and this is what she made for me: In the parcel was the lovely mermaid hanging, a Sun Sea & Stitching designed by Abi and a Country Cottage chart

Karate Boo

This morning our eldest son Peter (AKA Boo) was in his first karate competition which was held as part of the Woodhouse Fun Day in our village. Woodhouse is a suburb of Sheffield city but still has its little village feel with a town square and local shops so every year we hold a summer fun day and also a winter festival where the local Woodhouse band perform christmas carols. These are some of the photos of my little Peter doing his stuff. Master Terry is stood behind him keeping an eye on his Little Dragons. Terry runs Woodhouse Dragon, their Team Elite have some of the British Karate Championship members. The little boy behind in the blue and red jacket is youngest son Luke, who clapped like mad when his brother finished. I'm the one peaking round from behind Terry so I could see my son 'do his stuff!' My nan is sat inbetween us cheering her great grandson on.