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Stashbuster Spice of Life Blanket

 My Spice of Life is growing fast now and the leftover wool going down. Must admit I love this pattern, its varied enough not to get boring and it feels lovely and soft.  If you want to make your own Spice of Life blanket, pop over to Sandra Paul's blog aka Cherry Heart My blanket is being crocheted using Stylecraft Special DK wool, all bought from Wool Warehouse

Stash-buster Blanket

After my last 2 blankets I have quite a bit of leftover wool. Normally I'd give it to our daughter who either uses it for French Knitting or makes bracelets out of it. As there's quite a bit left I've decided to make a stash-buster blanket. After a bit of pc spring cleaning I found a pattern that I'd downloaded a while ago. The Spice of Life blanket from Black Sheep Wools by Sandra Paul from Cherry Heart . Sandra originally did this as a CAL (crochet along) so there are lots of photos of the completed blanket around.   Here's my start using the remnants... As you can see there are plenty of different stitches for you to use. Each section is separated by a few rows of trebles. The pattern is well written and there are photographs in case you come across a row of stitches you've not tried before. It's a great learning tool for crocheters.  

School Still Closed So Another Blanket

As the schools are still closed here in the UK and I finished my Moorland Stripe blanket from Attic 24 I figured I'd do another one.  I only did 2 colours on the border this time as I didn't feel it needed anymore. Took a bit more counting to get into the rhythm of this pattern but once I got into it the blanket grew fast. Eldest son very happy he now has his own blanket for his bed.  I used the  Moorland colour pack from Wool Warehouse to make the Woodland blanket from Lucy at Attic 24 . Look at those delicious colours! It's an easy repeating pattern if you fancy making yourself one. I would recommend using some crochet stitch counters if you're new to crocheting. Again Lucy's instructions are well written and have illustrations so don't be put off.

Lockdown Blankets

The kids finished school and the country is in lockdown so I thought it's a good time to crochet another blanket ready for winter. I've used the Dune colour pack from Wool Warehouse  (it's Stylecraft Special DK) and the Moorland Stripe blanket pattern from Lucy at Attic 24 . One blanket all completed, when you're stuck in the house for weeks it's great to see something good come out of it. Once you get into the rhythm of the waves it's a very relaxing pattern to sit and work. The colours together in this blanket look amazing all finished. Must admit it's one of my favourite colour packs so far as I'm a fan of pastel shades. If you've never tried one of Lucy's patterns from Attic 24 I highly recommend them. They're well written and have photo illustrations for the beginner or nervous crocheter.