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TAST 2018 - Week 4

This weeks TAST stitch is Detached Chain stitch, or otherwise known as Lazy Daisy. Now for those of you who know me or have followed my blog for a while you'll know that this is definitely not one of my favourite stitches. It's not hard to do but I really don't like it 😣 it does make lovely flower petals and leaves though. So for Sunbonnet Sue this week she's holding a flower made of the detached chain, the centres are french knots (that I absolutely love doing!).

TAST 2018 - Week 3

This weeks TAST is Fly Stitch. This is a fun stitch and is amazing to use for leaves or just decorative. Once again I've stitched up a Sunbonnet Sue but this time have given her a little flower, the stem is fly stitch but also around the centre french knots and then the edges in a different shade using fly stitch.  She's also got a little bit of it on her bonnet. I'm trying not to put too many different stitches into these Sunbonnet Sue's as each week the focus will be on the TAST stitch so that eventually they'll look like a stitch sampler. I've not used the stitch on my quilt square yet as Lukie was off school ill on Wednesday so I'm a day behind all my chores. Thankfully he felt a lot better on Thursday morning so went back to school (he hates being off) but then that evening I was back at school but for Boo's Mentoring meeting. I can't believe my baby Boo is choosing his options for his final 2 years in secondary, doesn't seem two

TAST 2018 - Week 2

This weeks TAST stitch is the Buttonhole. Sharon has a great page on how to work this wonderful stitch just click here .  I'm sure a lot of us have used buttonhole for many things over the years. It was one of the first stitches I learnt as a child making a table runner on 11ct Binca fabric aged 7 using wool. Nowadays I use it a lot to stop fraying on the edges of fabric and as a cute stitch for some of the quilt squares. It's great as grass on samplers as you can vary the length easily whilst still having the ground. Here's what I've done with my buttonhole this week: Sunbonnet Sue is back but with a buttonhole ribbon on her bonnet and apron. I've used the stitch to hold down the bottom of the ribbon from last weeks stitch and also using 2 shades of brown to form the bottom of a muddy field.

TAST 2018 - Week 1

Yes it's that time of the year where the TAST  challenge starts again.  Week 1 is Running Stitch. As I'm also trying to complete a couple of my quilted bits to finally do something with them I thought I'd use them as practice pieces as well as do a series of Sunbonnet Sue squares with all the stitches. So here are my two pieces for week 1. I really enjoy the TAST pieces of work as not only do I actually get a finish but it gives me a change from my regular stitching.  If you fancy having a go yourself then head over to Sharon's page and take a look. Just click on TAST at the top of the page and it'll take you there.

2017 Comes to a Close

It doesn't seem two minutes since it was the end of 2016 and I was looking at what I'd been stitching all year. Now as 2017 comes to a close I've discovered that I've not stitched most of the projects I'd hoped to start but I have had some good finishes.   I've got my next HAED all kitted up and ready to go come 1st January, this one is called Autumns Promise.  Then I'm working on the Peace in my Heart SAL, slow going as I wanted to finish DD's penguins. It's a joy to stitch on using fabric from Sparklies, hopefully over the Christmas break I can work on it a bit. From all of us here in Yorkshire have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. To all my fellow stitchers may you enjoy your stitching and may the frog stay away.