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Too busy to stitch much...

Yes would you believe that in the last week I've hardly touched my stitching. It's been absolute chaos here with the end of school christmas parties, normal swimming and karate lessons. On Sunday my mum came over from Barnsley to babysit our 3 so DH and I could go to his works Christmas party. This year it was held in a hotel called Tankersley Manor which isn't far from us but heavy snow that day meant the drive took ages. I ended up abandoning my car at the side of the hotel with the help of DH & one of the catering staff helping push it to one side. Luckily the hotel had people out with shovels and grit just after. Luckily for us we were booked in for the night, a nice warm room and change of clothes later and we hit the bar. The party was fun and didn't finish til gone 1am (latest we've been up for years apart from the kids being ill or newborn LOL!) Only bad thing was that I finally caught the sickness bug that has been going round the school and clubs. T

Finished and Framed

Just had to put this photo first, our daughter Darcy taken Sunday morning. She came into our room and decided to sneak to my side of the bed to check if I still had a stash of chocolate but her dad caught her. Here finally is a photograph of the Margaret Sherry design "Photographer Cat" that I stitched for DH. Managed to finally find a frame I liked and best of all it's a stand-alone frame so doesn't have a fiddly back on it. My Christmas SAL also came to a close after I'd stitched DD initials in the circles. Found this frame by accident while I was looking for something else. I would have preferred a purple border inside but they didn't have any the right size so white was the best choice. DD shouted "Pretty" when she saw it framed so that's all that counts, it's going to be hung in her bedroom after Christmas. Thank you Carole for a fantastic SAL. In the last week I finally started my butterfly square for the Quilts for Breast Can

Never Give Up Hope

Here is my Hope project all finished after staying up late to stitch on the last beads. Showed it to my daughter Darcy this morning and she said "Darcy's" so even at 23mths old she knows what she wants!  For anyone who hasn't seen the sister design Believe that I completed in November the designs are out of a book called "Bewitching Cross Stitch" by Joan Elliott. It's stitched on 28ct Sparkling Fairy Tale by Sparklies  using normal DMC stranded cottons and Mill Hill Beads. I'm so pleased with how it's turned out :-) I've also finally completed a Christmas ornament for my children. This is a snowman stitched on plastic canvas, bought it ages ago but only just finished it off.  Also managed to complete a couple of small items for the kids and a silver snowman. Not quite sure what to do with the snowman though, card, frame or ornament? This week I'm going to try and catch up on my SALs. I've only part 12 and Darcy's initial

Stitching Progress

As regular visitors will by now have realised the photograph at the top has changed. It's now turned cold here in Yorkshire but 2 weeks ago DH, Darcy and myself went off to Bakewell for the morning. It was quite cold and windy but the sun was shining gloriously, even the threat of rain didn't happen until we got back to Sheffield. This photo is taken overlooking part of the Peak National Park, we just pulled into the side of the road so DH could hop out of the car with his camera. I'll bet the photos taken in winter with snow down would be fabulous...not volunteering to drive DH then! I've finally caught up with my Christmas SAL, completed part 11 this lunchtime while daughter Darcy was having a nap and both sons were in school. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out even though I did change my mind twice on whether to put 2009 or Noel on it. As you can see in the end I decided on 2009 so that I can put Darcy's initials in the circles. Tonight I've