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Spring is Here at Last

After what feels like a very long wet winter spring is finally here in Yorkshire. We've had over a week of wonderful weather, it went from being really cold to 16c overnight.  Having lots of sun has meant that the stitching has been a bit hit and miss while we all run outside to enjoy it quick incase it disappears again.  I have done some stitching though..... my Mr Darcy John Clayton Elegance design named Charles stitched on 28ct cream I've also taken part in an exchange with my yahoo group Friendly Stitchers. We had to make something stitchy or friendship related for our partner, here's what my partner Elaine stitched for me, it hangs from my Lowery frame. I can't show what I stitched for her as I forgot to take a photo before I posted it..oops! Not done much on my HAED as I only picked it up again in the middle of March but here's what it looks like by Sunday 23rd when I'd been working on it for a week... Cruising The Information Highway by Ran