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June is Here

Well June is here and let us all hope that the weather improves. Here in Yorkshire we didn't do that bad in May, had a couple of hot weekends that for once covered the bank holidays...yay!  Inbetween though plenty of rain and very cold weather, apparently we've had the coldest spring in though we all didn't know that LOL! I have been stitching though, regular visitors will have seen the update on my ATW a couple of weeks ago. As we're now waiting for the next part I've been working on my CITA, here's how she stands at the minute.. My HAED "Cruising the Information Highway" by Randall Spangler looks like this after May's stitching.. As I seem to be working on quite large projects now I need a "finish" to give me a boost. Years ago when I went to the Harrogate stitching show with the Yahoo Group Friendly Stitchers (link in sidebar) I picked up some wonderful thread by Oliver Twists with the intention of doing a black