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Hiking Cat finally done

Can you believe it I finally finished Hiking Cat with only 12hrs to go til Father's Day! On the way to pick up our eldest from school yesterday we called in the local shopping centre where youngest son picked out a frame for his dads picture. He even picked a red frame as the cats rucksack is red. I did add some writing to the bottom as every couple of months my mum babysits so husband Tony and I can go on a health walk in Clumber Park. These are organised walks between the National Trust and Bassetlaw Council. We usually do the 8 mile walk which has been fantastic everytime we've gone...another one due in July. The first time we did one boy did our legs hurt and we thought we were pretty fit due to lots of days spent walking the kids round Clumber Park. Now if I can only get a spurt on with the silhouettes project then I can concentrate on catching up with the Friendly Stitchers ASAW SAL. Grid done on the evenweave, just don't want to start the motifs until the silhouett

Finished one project to start another

Yes I've finally finished one of my projects. This was the square for Quilts for Breast Cancer, its one of EMS designs and I took a shine to it as soon as I saw it on her website. It took longer than I planned to stitch but that was due to the border, I was going to leave it off but when I'd finished the square and saw how much it set the BC ribbon off am glad I stitched it now. It was touch and go as to whether I'd finish it or not as I was running out of the green and our local Hobbycraft had run out...luckily I managed to finish the whole border with just 1.5" left of thread. This weekend I've finally started the A Stitch A Week SAL with friends from Friendly Stitches. Designed by Abi I've been wanting to join in since I first saw it but needed to finish at least one project first. Abi has designed some fantastic motifs for inside the grid, BIG Thank You to Abi. Got round to buying the linen and started the grid, not been easy as our daughter is teething so

Not more kits!!

Yes I've been sorting through my boxes and found another 3 cross stitch kits that I had totally forgotton about. It all started when I wanted to put away my daughters cosytoes from her pram, thanks to the beautiful warm weather its now time to put away the winter gear. For the past week I've been piling it all into our bedroom and as the kids were playing nicely in the boys bedroom (for once!) thought I'd tackle ours before we could only just see a bed. After tidying all their stuff into the storage box, put the ironing away (YES its finally done!!) when I decided to have a quick 5 minutes looking through my old curver box full of completed kits. Really must decide what to do with some of those, frame? quilt into cushions? make into throws? Right at the bottom were 3 brand new kits that I obviously picked up 2 pregnancies ago. A lovely dolphin one, one of 3 friends and a row of ballerinas kit. I've been very good and put them back into the box (but at the top!) am de


Hello Everyone I'm Joanna. I'm married with 3 children all under 5yrs old, 2 boys and a darling daughter. When I do get some free time I'm addicted to needlecrafts, most especially cross stitch. I love working on large projects such as landscapes but as these are very time consuming I always have a couple of smaller works on the go. My favourite things to sew are quilt squares for Quilts for Breast Cancer ( ) I get to use some of my smaller designs that I've always wanted to stitch but had no reason to and they go to lovely ladies who make these into lap quilts for breast cancer sufferers. As breast cancer runs in my family this is a group close to my heart. My latest works in progress are Rainy Day from the Silhouettes series (nearly done now only a corner to do) Rambling Ted by Margaret Sherry from the Cross Stitcher magazine, this is for my husband for Fathers Day and Upsy Daisy for my daughters bedroom. I also kn