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Its March Already

At the end of February my 3 little terrors were all at home for a week as it was half term. Stitching was definitely on the back burner but I have managed to get some things done. My mum also found a couple of stitched items I did years ago including my very first proper cross stitch project when I took up stitching again after many years. Firstly I finally finished a 15 sided biscornu for my DD, decided in the end not to put the centre buttons in as she's only 3 so didn't want to take the risk she'd chew them.  For this one I decided to be a bit more adventurous and each of the 15 squares has a sample of some of my favourite stitches in: Cross Stitch Crossed Cushion Stitch Long Legged Cross Stitch Montegrin Stitch Rice Stitch Rhodes Stitch Herringbone Stitch Braided Cross Stitch Fly Stitch Double Cross Stitch Counted Chain Stitch Blackwork French Knots Knit Stitch Satin Stitch I really enjoyed stitching it and DD loves it. She calls it her Baby Annabel footb