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A Park Day

We decided in the school summer holidays to take the kids to  Clumber Park  for a few hours to try and wear them out...did it work? NO but we did have fun :-) We've watched a lot of the Olympics during the holidays and our kids really enjoyed watching the different events. Our DD Darcy loved watching the Equestrian and swimming events, the boys enjoyed the boxing, canoeing, gymnastics and athletics. They took to copying their favourite athletes and could be seen making hearts with their arms, kissing the floor or doing a 'bolt' everywhere...including Clumber Park . During the summer inside the Walled Kitchen Garden they had a Gnome and Fairy hunt which was great fun for them.   The boxer is DH's favourite gnome, he's named him Master Terry after DS1's Karate teacher! DD was so excited everytime she found a fairy. The kids even went into the fairy shed to make their own wands. Here are a few of the photo