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Stitching Time

I've been stitching every chance I get since the kids went back to school. My main project is still my Darcy photostitch but I've also been working on my SALs and a couple of smalls. The boys have been rehearsing for their karate show which had to be postponed from December due to bad weather. I didn't take much stitching with me to Sheffield Dragons as there were so many people around that I didn't get chance to stitch. Here is an update on Darcy...DH says she doesn't look like she's got leprosy now! Here is my  Tree of Stitches SAL up to part 2. I've decided to use the different variegated threads by DMC and Anchor for this project just for a change. I'll pick which one to use everytime the new part comes out. One of my smalls was for a snowflake exchange, I decided to stitch two different designs on the one ornament.  This is what I received in the same exchange from Carla, DD loves the bag but I'm going to use it for hanging on my Lowery f