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A Week In Kent

Here we are back again after a lovely week in Kent visiting DH's family. We stayed in a 3 bedroomed caravan (yes it had all mod cons otherwise we wouldn't have been there!) on a great site called Two Chimneys , the kids love caravans and were so excited.  The weather has been fantastic for us and we spent everyday out somewhere. The journey down on Saturday with 3 young children obviously had its hiccups but altogether they were pretty good, took us about 5 1/2 hrs to get there as we stopped at Cambridge Services to have lunch. Thankfully we have a 7 seater so spaced the kids out and put the luggage in our roofbox and at the side of Luke who was squashed into the rear; Peter was in charge of passing snacks back and relaying messages...DH says he's buying walkie talkies for Luke and himself for the Scotland trip :-) On bank holiday Monday mum and dad had an early birthday party for Luke, he'll be 4 on the 18th April. When we arrived at the house there were balloons and