Darcy playing Elizabeth Bennett

DH took a photo of our 19mth old DD in the garden this afternoon. As soon as I saw it she reminded me of Elizabeth Bennett from Pride & Prejudice played by Jennifer Ehle.

What do you think? She was named after Mr Darcy; DH wouldn't agree to Elizabeth or Jane so I had to sneak Darcy in! I think the ringlets down the side of her face complete the look...although it would help more if he'd cleaned her face after her Oreo biscuit before taking her photo..MEN! LOL


  1. Gorgeous picture! And yes, I do see it.. the curls and something about the look on her face. What a beautiful little girl!

  2. She just needs a bonnet to finish it off! - gorgeous picture

  3. Wonderful photo of a beautiful girl - and no, it wouldn't be the same without the smudges!!


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