Sheffield from the air!

Sheffield has its own Big Wheel for a while. Its at the end of one of our main town centre shopping areas. Looks huge inbetween both the historic and the new buildings and towers over everything. The scenes from the top are amazing, showing quite a bit of Sheffield but obviously not all of it.

These are a few pictures that DH took through the tinted glass of Sheffields wheel.

One view from the top showing one side of the city into the distance.

Looking up into the newly refurbished Barkers Pool area. The red metal is where the old cinema used to be, it closed down years ago and now houses shops such as Mothercare and Early Learning Centre.

Showing another view over Sheffield. We are the 4th largest city in England and are the only city that incorporates some of the National Park into its borders. Over 61% of our city is greenspace and we have more trees per person than any other European city. (Not in our back garden though as DH & I both hate gardening!!)


  1. I really cannot believe that I am writing to someone who doesn't like gardening!! You might be interested in my latest blog (it's not a gardening one this time) which shows the most incredible stitchwork.

    By the way, Sheffield has also pioneered the sowing of roadside verges with 'wild'flower mixes. They are fantastic to look at and must be a source of inspiration, surely?! Johnson

  2. That's some views!! Didn't know about cinema though. Just shows how long it is since I was in the centre! Up that end anyway.
    I remember the daffodils on the
    Especially round the Officer Quarters in Wimbish...till the kids went round that is. Lots of happy mummies then! Stuart (DOE) decided to plant crocuses then to stop them pinching them....yeah, right!!! Still lots of happy mommies with full egg cups, lol.


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