Quick Applique Project

As I searched through my boxes of stash (both cross stitch and quilting) I found a pattern that I'd had for years but not yet done. All the equipment was inside the bag ready, it just needed cutting out and putting together. You can't really tell from the picture but its got beads, buttons, bows, french knots, blanket stitch, stem stitch and cross stitch on it.

I've turned it into a mini wall-hanging which now hangs in our bedroom. I'm pleased with how its turned out to say I completed it in a day.

Managed to wrestle my Amish quilted pillow from my son Luke to wash it today. Made this when I went to a 1 day course at our local Hobbycraft (unfortunately they've stopped doing them now). It was all hand stitched and then my mum found some dark green material and made it into a pillowcase for me. My son Luke, who is 3, says it is his pillow and isn't impressed when I take it for washing but its getting a lot of wear and tear now.


  1. Cute hanging! And the pillow is lovely too! Sweet that your son loves it so much!

  2. That's an impressive days work.. i'm with your son on the washing of his pillow, i used to have shawls that i loved as a child and hated when my mum washed them as they lost all their comforting smell.

  3. Very nicely done! I love both the wall hanging and the pillow.


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