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Need your help, DH bought me a DMC photostitch for my birthday as he knew I wanted to stitch a photo of the kids. WELL...trying to get our 3 to sit still and all look at the camera at the same time has proved impossible LOL. So I've said that I'd like to do 3 separate ones of them using my favourite photos. That was 3 months ago and he keeps asking if I've chosen a picture yet. Trouble is he's captured some fantastic photos of them so here are my 3 hitlist ones of our daughter Darcy, which one would you choose????

Purple Darcy is #1

Summer Darcy is #2

And Santa Darcy is #3

These are only 3 out of the original 20 that I'd picked to consider. Its the only trouble with DH having photography as his hobby, there are so many fantastic shots of the kids that I had to buy him a digital photoframe last year for his birthday as we couldn't keep printing them out!

So votes please on which Darcy should be in stitches.........


  1. One vote for purple Darcy, #1 - but they're all so pretty, no wonder you had such a hard time!

  2. My vote is for purple Darcy too#1 -- Darcy is such a little cutie it must be hard for you to choose.

  3. Definitely purple Darcy as the jacket hood makes a lovely frame round her face.

  4. Yep, #1 Darcey wins outright on this one for sure!!
    Kids pics are Brill!!!
    Mum xxxx

  5. I like the bottom one....love the blonde hair and the expression of wonder on her face....although you really could not go wrong with any of them!

  6. Seen some of the other pics Tony took that are wonderful, but the colours and frame with No1# actually win over these 3. How you chose from all the others beats me?
    mum xx

  7. hi Jo I love the summer one number 2 that gorgeous blonde hair ooh I can see some broken hearts in the future

  8. Definitely purple Darcy, but the other are lovely as well!

  9. Darcy #l, she is so adorable in all of them.

  10. Definitely Darcy #1.....way cute!!


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