Lots done but not much accomplished!

Boy can you tell the school holidays are upon us, DS1 is 5 today and (as most his age) is on the go from early til late. Luckily when the weather is nice enough he plays in the garden a lot with his younger brother and our neighbours little boy who is only a year younger than Peter.

To help keep them occupied I bought the boys some small A5 notebooks and they're using it as a holiday notebook. In it they're putting cuttings, plants, paintings, photos etc of what they've done in their holidays. This week DH and I took the kids to Clumber Park where the boys took their cameras to take some photos for their notebooks, they also picked up some leaves so they could add them. The weather was great until all of a sudden (when we were in the middle of nowhere - LOL) the heavens opened and we got drenched. Luckily DD was in her pram and the raincover came down, the boys both had their rainmacs on "just incase", they just stripped to their t-shirts when we got back to the car whilst DH & I came home soaked!

This photo was taken by Peter showing his dad pushing his sister while the weather came heading towards us

He's getting quite good with his photography now, been taking photos since just after his 4th birthday. Started with a fisher price digital camera we bought him for that Christmas and is now using a Fuji that my dad had when he first went digital. DH wants to buy him one of the Tuff cameras for this year now he's really into taking photos.

This photograph was taken by Luke on the fisher price digital . Luke was 3 in April and has already caught the photography bug from his dad and big brother. This is one of the waterfalls near the bridge in Clumber Park. As you can tell with a childs camera the quality isn't fantastic but they're great "starters" for kids who want a go as the outside is rubber incase of dropping!

I didn't take my camera!!! Too busy pushing the pram with Darcy in. I've printed out some of the photographs the boys took and glued them into their holiday notebooks so they're thrilled. We're on holiday soon so no doubt both boys will want their batteries charging and cards emptying to take away with us.....between DH and my sons there's always a flash going off somewhere, always wondered what it felt like to be famous and photographed all the time - LOL!


  1. Love the idea of a holiday notebook - i think i may have to borrow this idea for next week when i am off work - this should keep me and the kids focused.. great pictures from the kids.


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