Sweet Pea Blanket CAL

I couldn't resist and ordered the wool for the Attic 24 Sweet Pea Blanket CAL  Thankfully Lucy from Attic 24 teamed up with The Wool Warehouse so we could buy her crochet-along colours already in a pack - saves so much time and searching!

I can't recommend The Wool Warehouse enough, never had bad service from them. This time whilst I was ordering my pc crashed, when it came back up the order said pending but nothing was in my basket. A quick phone call to the company and a lovely lady sorted it all out for me. A couple of days later and the postman was knocking on the door with my wool...  15 balls of wonderful soft wool all in a handy bag to store them and my WIP.

I did do a tension sample using a 5mm hook for my starting chain then swapping to a 4mm hook as it's the recommended one for this wool. (I use a 5mm most of the time but I was itching to use my new soft handled 4mm.) 

I love how the Trellis Stripe pattern works up.

Part 1 has all the information you need including the colour changes for the first 30 rows, you do 2 rows per colour. I wasn't sure of the colours blending quite together at first 
See what I mean, it seemed a big jump from the light purple to red then green.
But by the end of Part 1 I was in love...

Unfortunately the photo really doesn't do the colours justice but it's my fault for taking it on my phone instead of going to get my camera. Just too impatient to get on with part 2!  By the way the pins you can see at the bottom I put in whilst doing the beginning chain so that I didn't lose count, much easier that way when you're doing over 200 chains.


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