A New Blanket

After making our daughter's crocheted blanket I decided that it was time I made one for myself. After seeing some amazing wool on Wool Warehouse I found a corner to corner blanket that I liked the look of and I thought would work well in the particular shades I'd chosen.

The wool I chose is Stylecraft Batik Swirl in the Highland colours. I loved the blue and purple colours mixed. Stylecraft Batik Swirl - Highland (3735) - 200g
The pattern I used was free from the Yarn Inspirations website. Click here to get the pattern yourself. It's a very easy pattern to follow and once I got into the flow of crocheting it off I went. There is also a video if you prefer, just click here. There are lots of videos showing you how to do the corner to corner but I've always used Bella Coco as my go-to crochet tutorial when I've needed to.

Anyway, I ordered 3 of the Highland Batik Swirl in the understanding that after 1.5 balls I'd then stop increasing and start decreasing. I was amazed how fast it grew...

By the time I'd done the requisite 1.5 balls I was enjoying myself so much I decided to continue increasing and turn the blanket from a single size to a double. I used the 3 balls on the increase and ordered 3 more from Wool Warehouse to do the decrease. I am so pleased with the result! The whole blanket covered the top of our king sized bed, although it now lives on the back of the sofa so when it gets a bit nippy I snuggle under it when I'm reading or watching tv.

That's another new blanket made and I'm going to work on my stitching for a couple of weeks until my new wool arrives. Yes I've been back to Wool Warehouse and ordered more wool, another blanket but this one is a bit different as it's an old crochet-along.


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