Seeing Progress

Sometimes when you're working on a big project it feels like you hardly make any progress no matter how long you stitch for. I was feeling like that on my Once Upon a Time, during the summer it felt like I'd stitched on it for hours but nothing looked any different.  

At the beginning of October I decided to take a photo of how it looked and then not take another one until the very end. The difference shocked me.  I'm stitching this a bit differently to how I normally do. I bought some easy count 28ct fabric and am stitching 1 strand over 1. Now as the whole stitch area fits onto my scroll rods I decided to try out doing one colour at a time. I started with the colour with the least amount of stitches and then worked up. By the way I use my tablet and the app ezPDF reader pro to not only find the stitches but mark off where I've done. It's a lot easier on large projects and this is the first time I've gone solely to the app and not had a paper and pen back up, soo much easier. I'm now over halfway through the colours and the details that are emerging are well worth the confetti stitches. 

I've not been able to put needle to fabric so far in November as I've been working on another project. I think I'll carry on just taking a photo at the end of each month, it's such a rush to see the project come to life as you don't notice the same when you're actually working on it.


  1. Oh yes, seeing it day to day it's hard to see your progress. That month makes a difference!


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