I was sat bored one afternoon looking at some wool I'd found in the bottom of my wardrobe and decided I'd like to learn how to crochet. Now I've tried numerous times over the years and failed but that was before YouTube. I didn't want to learn how to do the fantastically detailed blankets but a simple granny square one for our daughter.

A lot of video watching later (wow there are some horrendous tutorials out there!) and I finally found someone who made it all make sense to me. The name of the channel is Bella Coco and after watching her tutorial on granny squares  I picked up the wool and off I went. I did go wrong a few times on my first couple but before long I was whizzing along without the video and had completed my first 8...this was where it got interesting.

My 11yr old daughter Darcy had been watching me playing around with some old pink wool and suddenly decided she wanted a blanket making out of these squares but she wanted the colour around a centre white square that had to be different.  So a trip to the library to get a book on crocheting and I found a square that had a circle in the centre, after many many tries I figured it out and off I went on these squares.  Meanwhile Darcy had found other colours she wanted so after buying the wool - a 100g ball of DK did all 8 of the granny squares with leftovers - I set about crocheting the squares. I'd got the hang of them so sat crocheting them at any time I could find including sat outside school waiting for the kids to come out!

Once I'd done all 8 of the colour and a white centre I stitched them together to form a big square, then just double-crocheted a white border to tie in with the centre square.

When Darcy said there were enough she arranged the squares into which order she wanted the blanket putting together.

Last night whilst our boys were training at #dragonsacademyeckington I sat and put them together using  the single crochet method from another one of Bella Coco's videos.   I'd done all but one square by the time the boys had done so finished it at home whilst Darcy was in bed.

This morning our daughter's face when she came downstairs to find her completed blanket was well worth all the time and effort learning to crochet. She loves her blanket 😀 

Now I'm going to start working on my own, not a granny square one though. My mum bought me some wonderful wool from the Wool Warehouse and I'm going to try and crochet myself a blanket using a different method...wish me luck 🙏


  1. Wow, it looks great! Even better that she got to piece it together the way she wanted it. The wool your Mum bought you is gorgeous, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


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