TAST 2018 - Week 3

This weeks TAST is Fly Stitch. This is a fun stitch and is amazing to use for leaves or just decorative.

Once again I've stitched up a Sunbonnet Sue but this time have given her a little flower, the stem is fly stitch but also around the centre french knots and then the edges in a different shade using fly stitch.  She's also got a little bit of it on her bonnet. I'm trying not to put too many different stitches into these Sunbonnet Sue's as each week the focus will be on the TAST stitch so that eventually they'll look like a stitch sampler.

I've not used the stitch on my quilt square yet as Lukie was off school ill on Wednesday so I'm a day behind all my chores. Thankfully he felt a lot better on Thursday morning so went back to school (he hates being off) but then that evening I was back at school but for Boo's Mentoring meeting. I can't believe my baby Boo is choosing his options for his final 2 years in secondary, doesn't seem two minutes ago since I dropped him off on his first day of Infants :-(  They're growing too quick, I'm not ready for it LOL!


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