A Last Row

Well the kids have finally broken up for the summer holidays, thank heaven I say as the last few weeks were exhausting. Lukie moved to his senior school for the last week and loved it, even if he was surprised that they still had proper lessons on the last day...welcome to secondary school kids!!  It'll be a few weeks into September I reckon before my heart calms everytime the phone rings, thankfully Boo is at the same school so he'll catch him once a day to check he's ok.

Meanwhile whilst the kids are off school I'm planning on plenty of stitching along with lots of fun for them. The boys are doing special training days at Dragons Academy, one of which is a First Responder course which is a junior version of First Aid, then they've Nunchuks and Boo is going to a Pressure Points Seminar (no, I'm not letting him practise on me LOL!) We spent this morning at Crackpot Creations near us where the kids have painted a dragon (Lukie), owls (Darcy), jet and bunny (Boo) and I did another contemporary elephant.  We went in the last holiday and the kids all picked something...photo below....Darcy was the fairy house, Boo the pirate chest and Lukie the dragon.

Darcy and I did sneak off to Crackpot last Sunday but they're not back from the kiln yet. 

Anyway, thanks to managing to stay inside in the afternoons this week whilst DH at work and the kids played I actually finished a row on my Smiles in my Cup. My stitching has been very sporadic for about 6 weeks as I've had loads to do so audio book went on Tuesday afternoon and the stitching came out. Started on the last row this lunchtime but here's a photo of it before I started again.
The whole project 

During the last page I found a colour that had 1 stitch, frustrating but when you stand back and look at it the confetti stitches are so worth the hassle. The best bit is pulling all the grid lines out ๐Ÿ˜Š

Next project is all kitted up so I want to make as much progress as I can on this during the summer. My dragon is calling to me to start๐Ÿ˜‰

Right, computer down and time to stitch. The kids are all quiet (mmm should I check to make sure they're alive upstairs?? Surreal all 3 being quiet at the same time lol!)  Here's hoping the warm weather comes back and we all enjoy summer, happy stitching xx


  1. What wonderful pieces, I really love the dragon!
    Your Smiles in my Cup is just adorable.


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