Summer Holidays are Here

The kids have finally broken up from school for the summer which means I get some much needed rest, never thought when we had our first how busy you can get as they get older!!  I have been stitching inbetween my taxi duties but not as much as I needed to but here's some of what I've been working on...

December's Holly
Cottage Garden Samplings - My Garden Journal
Stitched on Snowy Skies by Sparklies

Game of Thrones - Night Watch
Stitched on Winter Skies by Sparklies
I've also been working on my TAST 2015 project (in a different post) but most of my stitching time is being taken up by DH's HAED, trying hard to finish page 16 before September.

We went off down to Kent earlier in the year to see DH's family, Lukie decided to be his dads mini-me during the week....

at the end of term Lukie took part in a concert for the school musicians, here he is playing a duet with his piano tutor Francis.

Peter 'Boo' was thrilled to receive his 100% attendance medal in his last year at junior school. He's off to secondary in baby is growing up :-(

Darcy decided that she wants to remain anonymous!!

We're off to Northumberland at some point so Lukie can visit Hogwarts (Alnwick Castle) so no doubt DH will be photographing some amazing scenery up there. Here's Bolsover Castle from last weekend when we took the kids out for the day

yes that is Lukie sat playing Lord of the Manor!!


  1. Great photos and stitching!

  2. Lovely stitching!
    Hope you get some lovely rest in....the kids look so cute :)

  3. Your December looks great! That's my last one, I just have to choose my fabric.

    Lovely family photos!


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