Kings and Queens - William II

Here's our second monarch all finished...
Kings and Queens by Bothy Threads
William II commonly known as William the Red because of his ruddy appearance, he was the third son of William the Conqueror. William II was King of England from 1087 until 1100, with powers over Normandy, and influence in Scotland. He was less successful in extending control into Wales.

He spent most of his reign attempting to capture Normandy from his brother Robert (II) Curthose , Duke of Normandy. His extortion of money led his barons to revolt. Malcolm II of Scotland twice invades England in 1091 and 1093 before Malcolm is defeated and killed at the Battle of Alnwick. William also had to deal with rebellions in Northumbria and along the Welsh border. He was killed in 1100 while hunting in the New Forest, Hampshire, and was succeeded by his brother Henry I.


  1. Nice progress! My aunt lives close to the New Forest, so I've been there and seen the Rufus Stone :-)

  2. Looks great! I have just ordered this one so am looking forward to being able to start it. I have hummed and haaed too long over it. x


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