A New Start

Before our holiday I had another finish. The lavender needlecase that I've had as a UFO for too long *hanging head in shame*  When it was finally done it held spare needles for Scotland.

For my holiday stitching in Scotland I took my Mary Wigham Sampler, this has been sat in my stitching bag for a while with hardly anytime being devoted to it *hanging head in shame*  Although I didn't get a lot of time to stitch on it as we were so busy having fun I did put in a few stitches here and there and this is how it's looking now...
Mary Wigham Sampler
On our return to Yorkshire instead of carrying on with my HAED I decided to have a break and dig out a project that has been sat in my drawer for quite some time. This is by Country Cottage and is called "She Sells Seashells" I'm stitching it on some 28ct that I found in my stash box, using the threads it calls for which are DMC and Crescent Colours. Finding it really quick and easy to stitch whilst the kids are still on holidays.
She Sells Seashells
Country Cottage Needleworks
"And how did Scotland go?"  I hear you ask....exhausting, wonderful, fun, warm. We had long walks in the forest, on the beach, visited a few new places, Peter Boo had a photoshoot in Sweetheart Abbey and on the beach, visited Mabie Farm Park where Darcy discovered her adventurous streak (much to my hearts sinking LOL!) lots and lots of swimming and the 2 youngest completed a nature trail. Here's a few highlights...

Lukie in Mabie Forest capturing the flora and fauna

Southerness Beach practising his katas
Peter Boo in Sweetheart Abbey
Early morning at Mabie Farm Park before the heat really hit.
Southerness Beach
Late afternoon on the beach "arghh I'm getting wet!"


  1. Glad you and your family had a nice holiday. Nice stitching too.

  2. well done on the finish and you have done more on the Mary than I have whoops ... gorgeous shots of the littlies .... and gorgeous views too and how wet did you get ...lol love mouse xxxxxx

  3. All the photographs are wonderful but oh my, the last one is fabulous! All that muted sky and sand with just a bit of colour from the figures!

  4. Awesome. Peter sure looks ace! Looks a nice place. Miss ya'll. xx


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