Castles in the Air

Whilst waiting for the latest part of Around the World to be released I've been making more of an effort on my CITA, managed to finish parts 8 & 9.  Here's what it's up to...

Part 8
Now I hadn't put any beads on until this point so picked these colours out of my stash.

 Part 9

How she's looking altogether.

And if you want to join in with the latest SAL just click on CITA at the top and it will take you to Papillions website.


  1. It's beautiful! I need to work on ATW, but I have no energy for it at the moment.

    - Lisa

  2. Looking wonderful Jo !! The lady with the flying fingers !! LOL

  3. Oh wow. This looks wonderful. I love the colours - beautiful xx

  4. Wow - look at you go! It's looking beautiful Jo (so are your other projects)
    Liz x


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