The North Wind Blows

And it's certainly blowing here in Yorkshire at the minute, winter has arrived with a blast of arctic air that for my husband means fantastic photographs but for us means being cold when we're outside on school runs!

Here's my finish of LHNs "The North Wind Blows" 

It's stitched on Snowy Skies fabric by Sparklies and was a dream to stitch on .This was such a fun stitch even if the frog did visit whilst doing the border!  I ran out of the brown for the edges as well, only 6 stitches from the end which frustrated me immensely. The worst thing was I bought the wrong thread twice before finally remembering the correct number to finish it off LOL!  I'm now going to buy a lovely frame that I've seen in a local shop and have it hung in our bedroom.

Yes you're eyes are working, Noah has another page finished. Managed to finish page 8 in-between school concerts, Christmas dinners and after school classes. Looking forward to Christmas so I get to have a few days kids have a better social life than we do!! Thankfully page 9 isn't very big and has lots of blocks of colours so hopefully I'll get it done faster than the last page :-)

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year with lots of stitching time...Jo xx


  1. Goodness, Noah is looking good! Definitely an American robin, lol, much bigger! Love that one.

  2. Wow -- Noah is nearly finished and looking great. Congrats on the finish -- I love that pattern. Merry Christmas!

  3. simply gorgeous ... must get mine finished :) and wooo hoo on Noah ... its nearly done and isn't it brrrrrr mouse xxxx

  4. Congrats on the finish Jo. What a pretty piece. I am lovin Noah's Ark and makes me want to start mine.


  5. Your LHN finish is just beautiful. I also love your Noah's Arc.


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