A Finish

As I've been working hard on Noah's Ark for ages I decided to work on one of the designs from my 2012 to do list. I love the pirates by Sue Hillis and knew they're quick stitches so here he is...

Our two youngest are also dressing as pirates for the day in school to raise money for Children in Need. Here's a sneak preview of Darcy in her outfit..

I also took part in a Christmas exchange with my FB group, this is what i sent to my partner Rhonda along with a Yorkshire & Derbyshire calendar...
And this is what I was sent by Susan..

Mouse over on Friendly Stitchers designed 2 smalls for the 10th anniversary of the group. This is what I did with the designs...
 The bag now hands on my Lowery for my Noah's Ark orts.

To finish off here's where Noah's Ark has got to...
It's due to the Supertwist thread in the rainbow that I lost heart on this project, although it does look effective:


  1. Love your pirate and Noah's ark is coming on great

  2. All your stitching is beautiful! And your little Pirate Elizabeth is lovely! Way to go on Noah! It's coming along wonderfully! Thanks for sharing.

    Melissa J.

  3. Fab stitching and finishes. Darcy will break hearts as she grows up, love her outfit xxx

  4. Love the pirate piece and the costume! Noah is coming along splendidly. Keep up the great stitching.

  5. Your little one is an adorable pirate.

    Congrats on your finishes. Nice exchanges.

    Noah's Ark is coming along nicely.

  6. ohhh she is adorable in it ... well done on the noah's ark and your wee bag and pin cushion are lovely :) so are the exchanges too :)
    and those pirate sayings are just great :) love mouse xxxx

  7. Congrats on the finish Jo. Your daughter is a cutie and I love her pirate outfit. I am lovin Noah's Ark. Makes me want to start mine.


  8. Congrats on your finish!

    Noah's Ark looks good. What is SuperTwist thread?

    - Lisa N.

    1. The supertwist is the metallic thread used for the rainbow. It's really thin and frays so easily, a nightmare to stitch with.

  9. Love the pirate saying Jo - and Darcy makes a stunning Pirate Elizabeth. She gets more like you every day Jo.


    Ally xx


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