One Stitch At A Time

I've been working hard on my Noah's Ark project lately, finally I can see some actual progress. The Supertwist thread used for the rainbow has really been a pain challenge to work with but perseverance with lots of encouragement from Friendly Stitchers has had me plodding along.  Not long to go now before I'm on the last 3 pages at the bottom....

Don't faint either but I've finally finished my Purple Flower project. Sat down yesterday with DH who had the day off work and put the last 2 petals together.

Stitches used in this are :-

Up and Down Buttonhole
Bullion Knots
French Knots

A quilt square as well. The centre piece was part of my TAST challenge and I just quilted round it. (seriously must start putting these together soon!)

I finally managed to complete part 3 of Around the World in 80 Stitches by Papillion Creations as she is

And I couldn't resist putting a photo on that DH took last month. We all went on the Bluebell Wood Wellie Walk at Clumber Park (Bluebell Wood is a children's hospice near to us) and Luke thought meeting the squirrel who's the mascot was fantastic. He just couldn't stop laughing at her and DH managed to capture it.


  1. Luke looks sooo grown up on this one doesn't he? Aww bless! xx

  2. Looks like you've made progress on a lot of projects! I really like your quilt square.

  3. Love that purple flower and Noah's ark and ATW are coming on well

  4. I love your Noah's Ark...that is going to be so pretty - it is so colorful and cherry looking.

    I love your other photos too....I love reading and looking at your Blog.

    Happy Stitching

  5. Ah Jo Lukie sure is getting big! I love, love, love your purple flower - it is just stunning. Well done on all your other progress - keep up the good work! Hugs, Ally xx

  6. Wow you have stitched a lot, love the fabric on Noah sampler!

  7. Jo, everything looks wonderful !! That purple flower is stunning and if it needs a home I'll send you my address !! LOL. I love purple. ATW is coming along nicely as we'll as Noah's Ark. That quilt square cam out nice. DS looks delighted with the squirrel.

  8. Your Noah's Ark piece looks fantastic and your purple flower with all various stitches for each petal is very nicely done.

  9. Noah's Ark is looking great and wow! Congrats on finishing purple flower, it's lovely.
    Around the world is coming along beautifully

  10. I'm totally in love with the purple flower - great job on all of those specialty stitches :)

  11. The Noah's Ark is coming along really good. Congrats on finishing the purple flower. Your Around the World pieces is looking good, too.


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