May is Here

May is here and I've not accomplished that much stitching wise since my last post as I've been too exhausted by the time the kids have gone to bed.

I have worked a bit on my Noah's Ark, I didn't like the way the sea looked at the bottom of page 2 so frogged it all and started it again. Page 3 is nearly completed...the bit with the sparkly rainbow.
Noah's Ark by Bothy Threads

I started the Wise Guy Duck for my DD. I don't stitch much with aida anymore so replaced it with some 28ct blue that I had lying around. She loves watching it grow and can't wait until it's done.
Wise Guy Ducks

Here's where my CITA stands so far, as you can see I've still not completed part 4 but am getting nearer. I had to frog the central urn a few times as I was a stitch out...can you believe the bit that got me frustrated was plain cross stitch LOL!  I have got the threads for the new Papillion Creations SAL Around the World in 80 Stitches but haven't got the fabric yet even though I've picked it out.
Castles in the Air by Papillion Creations

Here's how my Great Escape stands after stitching part 16 this weekend.
The Great Escape by Abi Gurden

Finally stitching wise here's what I stitched for my Mother-in-Law and took down when we went off to Kent for DH's niece's wedding. 
Spring Basket by Abi Gurden

And here's what I've been busy doing when I'm not round my 2 boys and this is what they've been up to....

DS2 dancing his Square Tango with his teacher Jo at his presentation.

Peter on the night he was awarded his brown belt at Sheffield Dragons


  1. How did you find a space for Boo to pose ? lol. I love the ducks!!! They got attitude lol. xx mum

  2. ohhh well done on the stitching front even with the frogs ... lovely to see the boys and their presentations too :)
    love those ducks too .... :)
    love mouse xxxx

  3. I love those ducks so cheerful

  4. Beautiful stitching. I love all your pieces.

  5. Lovely stitching Jo especially those cute ducks :)

    Val x

  6. Really lovely projects, love them all and well done to your boys...

  7. Wow! you've finished so much! I love everything. :D

  8. Great update! Love all your stitching.

  9. Great progress pics. Really beautiful pieces. Congrats to the boys.


  10. Your WIPs look good, Jo. Love those ducks!!

    Your boys certainly do keep you busy.

  11. Love your stitching pieces and great pics ofthe kids!

  12. All the stitching looks great.

    Seeing your Castles in the Air makes me wonder how mine is doing... you've almost caught up to where I am at, maybe that will motivate me to pick it up again. maybe...

  13. Lovely update on your WIPs and congratulations to your sons.


  14. Awesome to the two boys. They're doing well, I presume? Your stitching looks fab. I LOVE your TGE, Jo. It's gorgeous. I would have loved to have completed that, but they threw me out!! Ah, well, such is life. Your ducks are darling. I can't wait to see that one finished. And CITA is coming along. Glad you're done with the frogs. (Here's hoping I am too!!) Hope you're having a great day!!

  15. Lovely designs you are working on and beautiful progress on all.

    Well done to your boys! That keeps me busy too taxi-ing my kids besides my work, being alone for some weeks...can't wait till hubby gets back. Hope you are having a good week!

  16. Beautiful stitching. The ducks are so cute! Your boys have been busy.

  17. Beautiful stitches! Adorable boys and well done!

  18. Jo,
    Wise Guy looks like such a cute project! I love ducks with attitude!

    Cita looks stunning - I love your colours - totally breath-taking! Can't eait to see more :)

    Great Escape is looking beautiful! You are certainly doing justice to all of those different stitches!

    Spring Basket looks truly elegant - again you make all those specialty stitches look effortless!

    Well done to the kids too!! What accomplishments!

  19. Hello

    This is my first visit to your blog.

    I love your WIPs, especially Spring Basket.
    Congratulations to your boys!

  20. Hi Jo! I know it's been a while since I've visited your blog, I just wanted to let you know your "Great Escape" piece is just beautiful!! I saw a picture of it on The Stitch Specialists homepage. I'm so far behind, but truly admire your tenacity in keeping up with it! Your other pieces are lovely too, the ducks are so cute!! Your DH really does take amazing pictures! *Hugs*

  21. Hi Jo! I'm sorry it's been so long since I visited your blog. Your stitching is amazing as always! Love the wise guy ducks, your Cita (the colors are amazing!!) and your Great Escape, congrats on making the homepage of TSS. I'm so far behind I can't see daylight. I haven't been doing too many specialty stitches lately...seems I'm always doing things on the fly and need to take time to teach myself the stitches. Congrats to your son for his new belt!! And DS2 looks in fine form with his Tango. *hugs*

  22. More great stitching progress!! Congrats to DS2 on his dance competition :)


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